Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Catch-Up

 Now that Joe & I are married but with no children, we're in the infamous "My Family This Christmas, Your Family Next Christmas" tumble dry low setting.  You get tossed around a bit but it's fun.  People tell us what to do and we do it.  A lot less choices to make which is fine by us.
So this year was "my" turn.  And since I come from the typical modern-day tattered family, I have many different "homes".  I can pretty much go anywhere between the states of Pennsylvania & Florida and be welcomed somewhere.
Last year was "Joe's" Christmas and was spent in snowy, winter wonderland New Hampshire.  It was marvelous and sparked my first idea for this year's Christmas vacation ... let's do something completely opposite and head to hot tubbin', good time Florida.  Where the umbrella drinks are free-flowing and the Gulf of Mexico is like a big bathtub.
Actually.  Who am I kidding?  I didn't make this decision at all.  I think the convo went something like this:

MAMA D: Everyone's coming here for Christmas.  So are you.   Here's your plane tickets.
ME: Sounds good.  See you then.

Long story short.  Naples, Florida is where we found ourselves for Christmas 2010.  Bathing suits in hand.
Christmas this year was, simply put, magical.  And not just because we were within driving distance to Disney World, the most magical place on earth.  It was because this was the first Christmas for us in ages that was spent with children.  Having Cooper, Helena, & Dean Patrick there brought a whole new perspective to Christmas.  I had forgotten all about milk and cookies for Santa.  And the undying, restless excitement on Christmas Eve.  Racing down the stairs Christmas morning in only your pajamas and red/white Santa hat.  Ripping open millions of toys and just being relieved that luckily it turned out you remained on the 'Nice List' despite some bad decisions you had made at school ... church ... home ... Christmas Eve the night before. (Santa is a very forgiving soul.) 
It was just so much fun.  Pure fun.  Magical fun.  Disney World x10 fun.

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