Monday, January 10, 2011

Joe & Mel's Top 10 for 2010

#8 - Live Free or Die.

New Hampshire's great state motto.  And anytime we visit there it is FO' SHO' 'bout to make TOP 10.  Hey now.
Once again in August, the gang made our way up to Wolfeboro for the Timberman Half Ironman.  Three things made this trip WAY better this year.  
First, we flew up.  No 14 hour car drives for this girl anymore.  
Second, Joe stayed fully hydrated during the race and didn't have to go to the medical tent and have two IV's pumped into him afterward.  High fives all around. 
Third, this go-around included a whole round of new folks to the party.  Top of the list was Joe's sister, brother-in-law, doggie, and Ms. Charlotte (still in Nikki's belly at the time but nonetheless still there).

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Shauna said...

Mel, it's been a great year for you guys. it's been fun to catch up and read all about it again! you look happy...hopefully 2011 will bring even more smiles your way. smooches.