Thursday, March 31, 2011

embrace the camera: march 31st

Now I know what you're thinking:
Embrace the camera is supposed to be a picture that includes yourself, the author of the blog.
But I'm there.  See me?  The one on the left sporting the UNCW tee.
It might not be my best shot but an important one nonetheless.
Besides the fact that we're eating at the coffee table and our etiquette is out the window,
we're in the midst of our Croatian mealtime prayer.
It's one of my favorite moments of the day every day.
It's a time when I can say the most consecutive Croatian words in a row that I know that make sense.
It's a time when the television is off and all I can hear is my husband and I praying to God.
It's a time when I can smell the fresh meal we just cooked and I know I'm about to dig in.
It's a time to be thankful.
It's a time when I can sit really close to Joe and rub my thigh against his and wink at him ever so slyly.

For more thigh-rubbing and eye-winking, head over to The Anderson Crew.

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Perry Ann Adams said...

Loving all the updates, Mel! :) I've tried to comment before but my log-in went all crazy and wouldn't let me comment anywhere! I love your moment for the Croatian prayer! Shawn and I take time to pray in the same way (and yes, we sit at our coffee table for some meals too!!) ... does Joe steal the yummy bits from your dinner when your eyes are closed too???