Monday, March 14, 2011

A Lovely Weekend

It was another lovely weekend on Bald Head Island.
I've written many times about BHI, a remote destination that is uber peaceful and relaxing.  One of my favorite perks of the island is that no cars are allowed; only golf carts.  There are miles of empty beach.  They have the cutest food market and quaint coffee shop.  There's a lighthouse and a turtle conservatory and nature walks and ... ummm ... that's about it.  No pressure to go do this and that; no pressure to catch this movie or make that restaurant reservation.  Just peace and quiet.
As always we spent the weekend with the Wheless' out on the island.  We would have it no other way.  I was too busy doing nothing and totally missed taking any pictures.  Luckily Aunt Caroline is more on top of her game than I.  Here are some of my fave moments from this weekend.


Shauna said...

these pics are beautiful, makes me want to go to the beach right now!!! i'm semi-jealous, of all these decadent beach trips that you take all the time...guess you chose the right location to make home huh? ;) what the heck am i doing in weppa ginny (wv) anyway? bleh.
ps. your huband...he's kinda a cutie case you didn't know. lol.
pss. he looks to be great with kids too;) i'm just sayin'.
take care you two.

Joe and Melody said...

Girl, you are too funny.
A. Y'all should be house-hunting a little more southeast. I couldn't think of a better neighbor than you.
B. I know Joe is a stud. But thanks for the reminder. ;)
C. And I love how good Joe is with kids. I'm hoping to put those skills to use on our home court soon enough. Heeeeyyyy.