Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rearview Mirror

Driving along today with the sunroof open, windows down,  and Avett Brothers blasting I was feeling good.  I started thinking about my blog and the latest comment my dear friend Shauna had posted with the slight hint suggesting Joe & I get to gettin' in the baby-making department.  

Even without Shauna's nudge-nudge-wink-wink having a baby is on my mind more often than not these days.  And thanks to one of my coworkers being pregnant I actually get to talk baby talk pretty often too.  

Then I looked up into my rearview mirror and sort of pretended for a split second that I was looking for my baby in his car seat in the backseat.  Cute blonde hair and big blue eyes like his mother.  Perfectly bronzed skin like his father.  The wind from the open windows was whipping through his hair and he was smiling at me through the mirror.

Then I got a little embarrassed.  I was totally just looking for my make-believe baby. 

Is that WEIRD?!


Faye said...

haha... you're so cute!!

robinriggs said...


Heather said...

Flower girl or ring bearer...that's all I'm saying...HG.

Shauna said...

OMG ya know, i can actually remember doing the exact same thing before i had kids. Did you continue on and imagine yourself singing "Old McDonald" with them? is that weird? lol
and to answer your question, no it's not weird at all to imagine yourself doing the daily things with kids around! it just means that your mind is preparing its self; getting ready. it's all 99 percent mental anyway. lol
you're gonna be a great mom someday Mel. i can see those little blonde haired babies too! so much to look forward to isn't there!

Anonymous said...

So funny :) Seriously though I think all people who want to be parent imagine their future children it is like deciding things you want at you wedding before you are even dating someone.

I still imagine what our future children will look like and we already have 3! Too bad Lee isn't imagining with me ;)