Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Eve

Palm Sunday.
The beginning of Holy Week.
It's sort of like Easter Eve.
It gets the excitement of Easter festivities started.
With the sweet, humbling smells of fresh cut palm branches.
And a strong reminder of who/why/what we're here to do with this short life.

Joe & I were asked to present the gifts of communion to Father Bob during the service.
That was neat in itself.  It was the first time since our wedding that we walked down the aisle together.
On the way back down, I whispered to Joe that I had to run to the restroom.

Once back, Joe says to me, 'Did you pick up a palm?'
'I didn't know I was supposed to.'
Joe, 'Yeah, I wanted to make one of the branches into a cross for Father Bob.'

Isn't he just the sweetest?!


Perpetual Blind Date said...

that is sweet. what a pretty cross!

Shawn said...

Love this post :) I remember what a great experience Palm Sunday was! That palm Joe folded into a cross brings back so many memories from my childhood! So happy you two found such a great home at St. Mary's!

Shawn said...

okay, this was totally Perry and not Shawn writing that comment ... whoops!