Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Angel

The official start of my pregnancy is April 4, 2011.  Exactly 40 weeks from then is January 9, 2012.  This would be Baby Madzar's arrival date by means of a perfect 10 month pregnancy.  However, all you moms out there know this due date changes all the time.  Mainly because the size of baby has influence on when baby will arrive.  I guess some turkeys cook faster or slower than others.

For the the first ultrasound, Joe & I had a blast.  Remember when I was the sleeping lioness who had just awoken from her slumber?  Yeah, that was fun.  After Dr. Robison left the room and Joe & I were left there looking at pictures of our first child, I suddenly noted the new due date based on Baby Madzar's growing size.  It was now January 5 ... Joe's godmother's birthday.

I whipped around and shoved the ultrasound picture in his face.  LOOK!  LOOK!  Joe knew right away ... and so did I ... Teta Joan wanted dealt in for this hand.  She was already looking out for our new, growing family and this was her way of letting us in on the secret.  Beyond Babe's amazing, earthly family and friends, there's an angel on watch, too.  That's a nice feeling.
Teta Joan & Joe on a scuba dive in Nassau, Bahamas.


Brandy Swope said...

congrats on your pregnancy Mel!

Joe and Melody said...

Thanks, girl! You're too sweet.