Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It was another of my evenings with Robin & Ella.  These are always some of my favorite evenings.  Robin always makes a very fresh, very delightful dinnertime meal.  Ella always says something that I have to tell to Joe as soon as I get home that night no matter the time.  I help Ella with her before-bed duties and then there's story time and a nice, big kiss from Ella with a, "Good Night Aunt Mel, Love You."  And then the evening is capped off with Robin & I talking away like Chatty Cathy's on the couch until we can't hold our eyes open any longer.  Being a part of the Riggs' family is the perfect ending to a day, in my opinion.

I had just walked in the back door for another fun-filled evening in the Riggs' household.  As usual, Ella came running from around the corner with open arms.   She suddenly stopped and looked at me and exclaimed, "I"M GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!"  My heart immediately filled with joy.  As I looked into Ella's big blues I could tell she was requesting a response from me ASAP.  I reached over and gave her a big hug and shrilled with excitement attempting to match hers.  My eyes instantly searched for Robin in the kitchen and saw her smiling.  Putting Ella down, all I wanted to do was give one of my best friends the warmest of hugs.  She was bringing another life into the world and I was the happiest Aunt Mel in the world.

Last Sunday as I held Baby Grace in my arms for the first time and felt her warm on my chest, I remembered this night seven months earlier.  I then reminisced about the day when Ella was born and all of the unforgettable moments we've had together in the past three years.  I thought about Robin and how much I value our friendship and the laughter we share.  I flashed back to the night when John D (Robin's husband) thanked me for being a constant in their lives when really I knew I should have been thanking them for being such a huge part in mine.  All of the memories I have with Robin, Ella, & JD are only good ones.  And sitting there with Grace, I knew she was going to experience the same steadfast, undying, pure love I had always received from this family.  Grace couldn't have asked for a better home on this earth.  There's no doubt in my mind.

I fast-forwarded a few years in my head.  I pictured Baby Madzar and myself coming home to Papa Joe from an evening with my favorite girls.  Laughing, I say, "Ella said the cutest thing..."  Joe starts laughing along with me.  I then add in, "And then Grace said ..."

That will be a good day.
Grace McRae Riggs with big sis, Ella.


Perpetual Blind Date said...

how sweet. what a great picture of some precious siblings!

Faye said...

what a lovely post!! it almost brought a tear to my eye! and the picture is amazing... love it all!

Robin said...

You know how to make a mama cry! We're lucky to have such a great friend in you!