Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day, Schmabor Day

As the nursery used to be Joe's Man Cave where he so frequently waxed surfboards, greased bike chains, and fiddled with all of his man stuff, the carpet was less than desirable for a new baby's room.
  We originally looked into replacing the carpet with some more mid-grade off-white carpet and soon learned that carpet is not so cheap.  We procrastinated and procrastinated some more hoping to think of something.  Luckily with some prayer and positive thinking Joe stumbled upon some hard wood floors that were a fraction (about 1/5) of the cost of the carpet. We were elated!  
Labor Day, Schmabor Day.  Joe eagerly broke out his miter saw once again and Baby Girl Madzar had new floors by the end of the weekend.  
The man is a machine.  


Shauna said...


Perpetual Blind Date said...

so pretty and so much better than carpet!!! I love the high wainscoating (sp?)!!! - Sarah

lauren said...

what a DEAL!!!! way to go!! your source doesn't happen to be an online one are they? i have a friend looking to replace beat up carpet but discouraged at the price tag..

Joe and Melody said...

I wish it was an online store so I could pass along the steal. It was actually a local flooring place that just wanted to get read of this back stock of hard wood floors that they had had for over 5 years. But I do recommend doing the same ... tell your friend to stop somewhere locally and see what they have on sale and just need to get rid of. I'm sure you could find some real treasures.