Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Parents' Shoes

With walls up and floors down, the nursery is ready for some things to be moved in.
Partially so it won't sound so echo-y in there.  
Mainly because the baby will be here before we know it.
Last night we laid on the floor in the nursery with our laptop.
(me on my side.  Joe on his stomach, I'm so jealous.)
We discussed back and forth about the new area rug we wanted to purchase for the room.
We've been talking about this rug for weeks now.  Even before the hard wood went in.
We continued to discuss colors and the new samples we just got in the mail.
Joe did a great job on picking out carpet tile squares to match the ideas I have in my head.
(I swear the guy should go on some TLC show that revamps people's houses. He's so creative.)
As we sat there conversing, once again talking about our baby,
It finally hit me that our parents went through this same thing...
The baby obsession that has become our lives, our parents felt/did/loved the same way.
I said this out loud to Joe.  He nodded in agreement.
While he continued to measure out the space on the floor where the new rug would go,
I proceeded to talk about my new found revelation for the next 30 or so minutes.
First off, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of this before.
How could I forget our parents?!
But right there on the new nursery floor it all started to flood my mind.
(I may have cried, too.)
Prepping for the baby with all the love in the world, our parents had done that same thing...
I guess that saying of not really knowing until you've walked in someone else's shoes is true.
I feel like we're getting to finally feel the joy/dedication/fright that our parents once went through.
My love/adoration/honor has officially tripled for all of them.


Lisa D said...

And one day you may actually hear yourself say something Nanny would say...... like "Bored? I never get bored. I don't have time to get bored!" That's my favorite "nannyism". And yes, I have heard myself say that same thing in the past few years :)

lauren said...

my dad once told me that there is no way to ever pay back the love that was poured into you... but that's not the point. our privilege is to pour that same love forward into the the babies that come to us... and in that love we honor our parents. i love that thought. :) and i love that joe just kept measuring during deep thoughts. that's my nate too. ;)