Friday, October 14, 2011

Belly Button

As Dr. Rhodes was measuring my 27th week baby bump yesterday, 
I glanced down to notice that my belly button had officially given up.
What once used to be a cute, little pothole in the small dirt road that was my body
Has officially been filled in and paved over and expanded to a 6-lane highway.

27th Week Update: Mini Madzar & I are still doing great.
I passed my gestational diabetes test.
Babe passed her usual heartbeat and growth tests.
There was a bit of a bump in that 6-lane highway 
When my blood pressure was elevated during a recent reading.
No worries though.
My amazing husband and Little Madzar's wonderful father
Has begun monitoring it with our very own blood pressure cuff.
Dr. Joe to the rescue.

The rug is neatly laid down in the nursery.
I may or may not vacuum it every day.
The walls are painted.
We went with a Benjamin Moore color called Weimaraner.
(No relation to Walter, the Weimaraner who lives next door.)
Our accent colors will be turquoise and yellow.
More to come on that later.

This weekend we start to  move in the furniture.
Stay tuned.


Faye said...

I love it!! You look so beautiful!

Perpetual Blind Date said...

I loooove that rug! Youre baby bump sure is cute!! - sarah

Shauna said...

love this wall color. so classy, you absolutely can't go wrong. the room is looking smashing, i can't wait to see how it tunrs out! are you having fun yet mel?!?!? i hope you're keeping a little baby journal over there or somthing. you're gonna wanna remember all this;). there is nothing like being pregnant with your first baby, when everything is new and exciting. i'm really excited for you guys. now post some pics of room accessories already!

lauren said...

you are ridiculously cute. :) so are your walls and rug of course but your belly bump wins. :)