Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Name

The first question an old acquaintance or new friend asks when they see your bulging belly,
"Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?"
That's an easy one.  After the tell-all sonogram I can proudly say, 'GIRL.'
As I picture a young me with Joe's elegance floating around like a butterfly in complete happiness.

BUT then comes the second obvious question,
"Do you know the name?"
Duh. Duh. DUHHHHHH.  (dramatic sound effect)
It's an ever-dreaded question simply because the response is not a short one.

If only we could proudly blurt out two names.
Then move on with the conversation.
Truth is that we have NO IDEA.
So instead ...

I first begin with, "Well we'd like to do a Croatian name because, you know, Joe is Croatian."
I'll tell you that this is no easy task.
Finding a Croatian name that sounds well in both languages can be tough.
We've come up with a few: Sofija, Olivija, Emilija.
(The 'ja' is a Croatian thing.  But names are pretty ease to pronounce.  See: Sophia, Olivia, Amelia.)

Then to add to the grief of figuring one name out, you have to come up with another.
The middle name.  It's never-ending.
We've thought of using our mother's names, grandmother's names, godmother's names.
I even came up with a nice rendition of combining two of these names.  Joe did not like it.
I"ll admit that it was a far stretch.

Our friends when referring to the Baby and to make fun of our indecisiveness will say things like,
"How's Sofija Ivana Olivija Emilija Lisa Mila Ann doing?"
To which we respond, "Just fine. Thanks."

It's not that we're keeping the name a secret.  It's just a work in progress.
I have a feeling it will take the nurse walking in with the birth certificate for us to make a decision.
Some parents know their child's name before the child is conceived.
Joe & I are not those parents.  Sadly ... or excitingly, enough.

All in "due time."
Maternity Picture taken by Perry Vaile Photography.

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