Saturday, December 24, 2011

38 Weeks & Daddy Warbucks

I love musicals.  All of that singing and dancing combined with acting and an intriguing storyline is like one big conglomerate of entertainment fun.  I can’t get enough.  One of my favorites of all time is ANNIE, that timeless red-headed orphan that makes her way into Daddy Warbucks’ and all of our hearts.  

As I was tuned in last night humming along to ‘It’s a Hard-Knock Life’ (the original; not some revamped rap version) I was thoroughly enjoying myself.  The slice of key lime pie propped up on my pregnant belly didn’t hurt either.  About an hour in is the scene where Daddy Warbucks ever-so-coolly buys out all of Radio City Music Hall so Annie (and her dog, Sandy) can go to the movies for the first time.  Near the end of the scene it shows Annie curled up in her movie seat fast asleep.  His secretary prompts the never-been-around-children Daddy Warbucks to pick Annie up and carry her out of the theater in his arms until they can get her home and put her to bed.  Please cue the heart-warming music, tears, and for me, fond memories.

I can remember long ago (about 20 years) ‘falling asleep’ in the back of Pappy & Nanny’s 1980’s Monte Carlo.  We would be headed back from The Teddy Bear Café and grocery store on Friday night, our weekly ritual.  I would be laying down on the navy blue cloth backseat that was the size of a twin bed, all stretched out, looking up past the tree line and onto the stars.  With every twist and turn the car made I knew exactly where we were on our old country road without ever having to pop my head up for confirmation.  As soon as we would pull into the drive I would hurriedly shut my eyes and pretend that the 15 minute car ride home had put me fast to sleep.  Try to nudge me awake and I would just moan and curl into a ball to further my protest. Pappy (my very own Daddy Warbucks) would cradle me out of the back seat and carry me inside.  It is one of my fondest memories.

So that’s me at 38 weeks.  My reminiscent mind is a blur of old memories trying to make room for new ones while I prepare for the arrival of our new bundle of joy all on top of watching all of my favorite musicals.  And crying; lots of crying.

It’s hard for Joe to keep up.  
Maternity Picture taken by Perry Vaile Photography.

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