Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Nursery

Ta-Da!  Behold!  Baby Madzar's Nursery.

Rocking chair and footstool, compliments of Cousin Heather.
Papa painted the bike picture, of course.

Every inch of Mr. Octopus was hand-sewn (even all the buttons) by Aunt Jen.

Diaper Caddy and Plant (fresh oxygen for baby is always good) from Aunt Dana.
Basket O' Toys from everyone that loves Baby M.

'You Are Loved' painting by Aunt Jen.
Pinwheels made by my ladies for the baby shower.
Ms. Bunny hand-stitched by Mimi (my mom).

Sonogram picture on left.  Pink Hydrangea picture that Nana discovered on the day we found out Baby was a Girl.

'Your Are My Sunshine' flag banner by Aunt Robin.

She wouldn't be my daughter if she didn't have a super-organized bookshelf.

Framed Fabric from Baby's quilt.

Framed Picture of a Newspaper Article about Carolina Beach.  Baby M gonna be a certified Beach Bum, for sure.


Faye said...

I love it!! It's so beautiful! She's going to feel sooo loved in that room!

Shauna said...

Mel, it looks so beautiful! i LOVE it. cool, yet warm. sofisticated, yet playful. and above all, calm and peaceful. you'll be surprised at what an intimate little haven your nursery will be for you and your baby. i can still vividly remember sitting in maddie's nursery. holding and feeding her by the dim lamp light and marveling over her. it was so peaceful in the space we created for her. ahhh memories (tears).
i also love that everything is homemade and has meaning to you. that... is priceless.
you're almost there girlee!!!!!!

Masto Mama said...

I LOVE your nursery! The You Are My Sunshine banner is SO sweet--I have sung that song to my daughter every night since she was born, and she wont go to sleep without hearing it, even though she is almost 10....makes my heart overflow with love : )

And congratulations on your pregnancy...can't wait to see your precious little girl.

I am the one who designed your blog...and I noticed your header (among several others) are blurry for some reason. I dont know what's going on with blogger, but it's been happening to a lot of people. If you send me your sign in name and password I will re-install the header so it will be clear again.

I do have to tell you that my button is supposed to be somewhere--anywhere--even at the very bottom--on your site, and I noticed that you removed it.

One of my terms of design is that you keep it on your site the entire time that the design is on your site. If matching is an issue, I will be happy to make a button for myself that matches your design.

And again, I don't mind it being at the very just needs to be somewhere.

When your sweet baby is born, I would love to make you a new graphic header with a baby added to it!

I will give you HALF OFF any design package you choose, because I am looking to build up my graphic design portfolio.

Let me know if you want to do that with me once the baby is born.

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Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Masto Mama Designs

lauren said...

oh my beautiful. this is so lovely and sweet!! what a talented family you have!! :) can i come take a little nap in there?? ;) looks serene and quiet...a perfect first nursery waiting for baby. enjoy THAT with your firstborn. subsequent nursery set ups are 'lived in' and played with before baby ever gets to see it. ;)