Monday, February 6, 2012

Life With Baby

The ME who is sitting here next to my snoozing three-week-old fresh off a big breast milk breakfast looks back and thinks the past 21 days have completely flown by ... too fast.  The ME who was rocking an overtired three-week-old at 3:30am this morning begs to differ.

And this is my life with baby.  The emotional pregnant woman I once was has just upgraded to the Lifetime Pass for this amusement park that is life ... and has hopped on the roller coaster with the most vertical loops and hoops.  Becoming a mother is the most amazing and most scary thing I have ever done.

There are three things (short of God) that have gotten me through this ride.  The first is my mother's intuition.  Having a child and recognizing what she needs and when she needs it has come so natural.  Thank goodness for biology.  The second is the father's intuition of my husband.  Like me, he has gracefully fallen into his new role.  I COULD NOT have done any of this without him.  And last but not least is Emilija.  Looking in her eyes, at her feet.  Kissing her lips and feeling her skin.  Watching her hand grasp my finger.  Running my hand over her barely-there hair brings all new meaning to life.  It makes you keep going.  So me with Joe and the ever-precious Emilija are figuring our new life out together; we're the perfect team. 

My life is 90% Emilija, 8% Joe, & 2% everything else.  Friends, extended family, laundry, dusting, bathing ... have not only taken a back burner to life here on Hibiscus Way, they are still in a vintage Pyrex bowl on the counter waiting to be mixed.  I am a devotee of this perfect, little girl who has flooded my life and our home with nothing but the purest of loves ... straight down from heaven.

Newborn Shot by Perry Vaile Photography.


Tanner and Andrea said...

i love this. you can tell someone that being a mom is amazing- but until they can experience it for themselves, they can't understand it. i remember when i first had maddex... i remember standing in the shower, thinking about how my life (and body) had completely changed in so many ways.. yet, i was so overwhelmed and happy that i was a mom. i will never forget that moment.
cherish her- they grow so fast- presley will be a year old next month!

lauren said...

melting... :) congratulations on you precious one. :)