Friday, February 3, 2012

The Low Down

Tuesday, January 10
9:30pm - The first contraction hits.  Nothing alarming though.  I had been having 'fake' contractions for months and just figured this was another round.  I prepared myself to go to bed and wake up the next morning with them completely gone.  I ended up never falling asleep that night...

Wednesday, January 11
6:30am - Joe questions, 'Should I go to work?'  I insist and send him out the door.  At this point, I'm pretty sure this is the start of EVERYTHING.  I'm just not sure how quickly it will all progress.  I call in sick to work and decide to relax in bed and play everything by ear.

7:00am - Contractions persist and are getting a bit stronger.  My first phone call is to my mom who catches me completely off-guard by answering the phone, 'Today is the day!'  I'm speechless as she proceeds to tell me that the sky in Florida that morning was the brightest color pink.  She sends me a picture of the sunrise before calling US Airways to book her flight.

9:00am - The small swell of contractions are turning into 3 foot surf-able waves now.  I call Joe and relay my mom's catchphrase of the day.  He heads home immediately while I begin to email/text the Good News.

1:00pm - Joe has been timing the contractions all morning and they're getting stronger and closer together.  We call the triage nurse and she gives us the O.K. to head on to the hospital.  Unfortunately it takes us close to two hours to get me ready amidst the constant pain. 

3:00pm - My mom arrives at the airport and I decide we should go pick her up before heading to the hospital.  Joe & Mom think I'm crazy.  I like to think I knew what I was doing the whole time.

4:00pm - We Three Stooges arrive at the hospital to find out I am 5cm dilated.  I have officially labored halfway through this whole thing.  HIGH FIVE.

12:00am - It has reached midnight.  No baby today.

Thursday, January 12
3:00am - Karen, our nurse, happily informs us that I am now 10cm dilated.  Let the2-Hour Push-Athon begin!

4:45am - I'm exhausted.  Joe's exhausted.  My mom, exhausted.  Enter Dr. Wilson fresh off a three hour nap, catcher's mitt in hand. 

5:06am - One last push and she's here!  Cue the waterworks.

8:00am - Joe & I finally decide on a name.  Presenting ...

Compliments of Teta Nicole.


Tanner and Andrea said...

I LOVE IT. what an awesome story. Congrats. She's lovely.

Kayla Byrne said...

Aw I loved ready this. It got me all excited for my big day!!

Faye said...

I love the story... and I love your words! Emilija is so lucky to have all these stories that she can look back on!

Loni said...

Congratulations Mel! So happy for you... she is beautiful!