Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miss Independent

"Today is the day, I thought ... yesterday.
Today, or rather tonight, Emilija will sleep in her crib."

Now rewind just a bit.
I have been working with Em for quite some time now.
On trying to have her nap during the day in her crib.
She has not been a fan.  At all.

Last night after her 9p feeding and my resolution made earlier in the day, we laid her in her crib.
On our way out of the nursery Joe grabbed the video monitor.
We immediately huddled together on the couch in complete silence staring at the screen.
Fully prepared to rush in and save our little girl from the deep depths of loneliness.

Thirty minutes passed.
Not a peep from the room at the other end of our house.
Eventually the guilt of leaving our baby alone settled and once we determined she may just survive this,
We wondered into our bedroom.

Joe & I laid there in complete darkness.
Something we hadn't done since Emilija and her bassinet had entered our room and the master bathroom light started to serve as a perfect night light to peer in on our sleeping beauty.
Each of us poised to answer our bambina's cry the minute it sounded.
Which never happened. 

I may have slept a total of 30 minutes all night.
Joe slept on and off due partly to me waking him up every so often to stare at the monitor screen with me.
Miss Independent ended up sleeping until 6a.
Which is when I decided to go in and wake her up.


Shauna said...

fav post ever. i remember this very night with each of my kids. i felt every moment with ya there girl;) so bittersweet. it'll get'll sleep more, and then you'll be like..." thankgoodness...that wasn't so bad." pss...the secret is too...when they sleep in their own crib, and aren't in the same room as you, they wake up less to eat. good luck!
ps. how much does she weigh? she looks like she's growing a ton!!! you go girl...milk shake mama!

Anonymous said...

Elisha & I really enjoy reading your blogs dear! And we pray the 3 of u are doing well Melody! : - ) -Hargett

Joe and Melody said...

Shauna, she's going on 12 pounds! She downs about 4 ounces of breast milk with every feeding. She's growing like a weed! Ryan, thanks! My best to you and Elisha and here's hoping we cross paths again very soon!