Sunday, April 15, 2012

Road Trip-in'

We hadn't left Wilmington in three months.
Emilija had yet to go over 55mph in a car.
We needed a change of scenery.


The Madzars loaded up the car: play mat, bassinet, diaper caddy, three bags of clothes, camera ...
You name it. We brought it.
And headed up I-40 for a weekend with Uncle Josh & Aunt Jen.

We ordered in pizzas on Friday night.
Split a strawberry shortcake at Foster's with Aunt Jen to celebrate Em's 3 month birthday.
Barbecued in the beautiful Durham weather Saturday night.

Emilija's first mini-vacation was a hit.
Aunt Jen snapped this picture of Miss Em at brunch this morning.
Pure happiness.

(P.S. We miss you already Uncle Doosh & Aunt Jen-Jen!)

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Sarah said...

THOSE EYES!!! so precious