Saturday, May 12, 2012

Four Months Old

Mila. Mila. Mila.  I cannot believe it.  We are 1/3 of the way through your first year!

You are a complete joy.  You completely light up my days.  When you snuggle into my chest; when you smile at me; when you laugh; when you coo.  I love your personality.

Your hand/eye coordination is really progressing.  Uncle Cooper has helped with this one.  When you recently spent a week with him he adored you and spent every waking moment by your side.  Uncle Coop worked with you and before I knew it, you were reaching for toys and putting them in your mouth.

My favorite thing that you reach for is ME.  (Shocker.)  I'll be talking to you about animals or shapes or colors and you'll just reach out and put your hands on my nose, over my eyes, or in my mouth.  It's your way of showing me affection and I melt every time.

You are obsessed with putting your fingers and whole hand in your mouth.

You flew for the first time in April.  You've been on four different airplanes so far.  And you did marvelous.  On every plane ride you would welcome the fellow passengers with smiles and arm stretches.  Most people loved you; some grumpy old ones made passive aggressive comments.  But we proved those bah-humbugs wrong.  When the plane took off you would submerge under the Hooter Hider for a quick snack and then fall asleep- every time.  You were a real pro.

You made it into the ocean for the first time with Dad.  You didn't mind the crashing waves or the scratchy sand.  Like always, you just enjoy being outside.  

We go for your 4-month doctor's appointment on Monday.  Dad is joining us because I can't bare to hold you while they give you shots.  When you cry, I cry.  That's the bad part.  The good part of the visit is  hopefully we'll be given the go-ahead to start giving you your first solid, rice cereal.  I'm so excited!

You rolled over for the first time on Dad & I's 2-year Wedding Anniversary.  You sure know how to give a good gift.  We were at Dana's house and  you were lying on the floor on your back.  Dana and I were catching up and before we knew it you were on your stomach.  We both started screaming!  It was exhilarating.  We were hugging you and kissing you and smothering you.

Your hair is coming in.  Although it looks a bit mismatched with short hair on top, no hair in the middle, and long hair draping down the bottom.  You may have heard of this hairstyle before.  It's called a mullet.

We've started going to an outside concert series with you on Friday nights.  We invite all of our friends and sit out on the lawn with blankets and chairs and food.  With the music playing and the breeze blowing and the people chattering around you, you look so at ease.  

Last night as the evening was winding down, you were sitting on Dad's lap facing him.  And you were chatting away.  Talking to him and laughing and smiling.  He was putting his sunglasses on your face and you thought it was the funniest thing.  Every time I see you two interact I just know you will always be a Daddy's Girl.

You sleep full-time in your crib now.  You fall asleep around 8p, wake up for a quick dream feed at 9p/10p, and sleep until 6a/7a.  Some people call us lucky.

People (friends, family, complete strangers, us) love your big blues.

You haven't grown anymore in height.  But your up to 13.5 pounds in weight.  Get 'em, girl.

We think you are perfect.

We think you are the most beautiful baby we have ever seen.

We love you like crazy.