Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rice Cereal Debuting Emilija

It was a BIG week for this 4-month-old.

On Monday we were given the green light from the doctor to give Em her first solid food, rice cereal.
We gathered the essentials on Tuesday: cereal, bowl, spoon.
By Tuesday evening Emilija had broadened her milk-based diet to include grains and quite enjoyed it.
For five minutes of edge-of-your-seat, lip-smacking thrills please click HERE.

Genius me (sarcastic tone) also decided on Tuesday.
That we would stop swaddling her for night time slumber as well.
She has gotten to the point where she moves.
A lot.
She rolls left. She rolls right. 
She rolls back.  She rolls front.
With all of that rolling.  And still being swaddled.  I thought it was a recipe for disaster.
Too many times have I looked at the monitor to find her face down on her crib mattress.

Without being swaddled, I just knew she would wake up a million plus times.
So Tuesday night we put her to bed at 7p.
A stomach full of cereal.  Arms swinging everywhere.
I settled in for a long night ahead.

Her normal routine would be to wake up one last time around 9p/10p.
Have a quick dream feed.
And back to bed until morning.
I patiently waited for my Little One's cries to sound.

I don't know if it was the extra calories from the tablespoon of rice cereal.
Or the freedom to roam her crib with just her footed pajamas on.
But she slept right on until 7a the next morning.

And has done it every night since...

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