Saturday, June 2, 2012

Like The Corner of My Mind, Part 2

Kids say the darnedest things.  And when you are an adult to these kids, you get the pleasure of remembering these things.

Some of my most favorite kid moments have come from my little brother, Cooper D.  Him being born when I was 20, I have a vast collection of amazing memories.  The best, by far, and one I still re-tell to this day is the Tale of the Wolverine Claw.  It's classic.

Cooper was about five at the time.  He was completely entranced by all things superhero.  His latest craze was over Wolverine, a fictional character with animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, and known for three retracting bone claws on each hand.  By holding up the index, middle, and ring fingers while lowering the pinky and thumb, one's mere human hand could instantly be transformed to resemble the almighty Wolverine's claws.

On a trip to the mall, Joe & I accompanied Mother and the newly transformed Cooper D.  From the start of the car ride Cooper held up his three-fingered claws.  He was thrashing and slashing them around.  Full-blown sound effects echoed louder than the car radio.  His lips vibrated off of one another throwing spit everywhere.  He had pledged an all-out battle in the backseat with an imaginary nemesis and was busy saving the universe.

We arrive in the mall parking lot, Cooper's role as Wolverine still ensuing.  We all begin to exit the car.

"Come on, Cooper."

He robotically unbuckles his car seat and rises from the car, Wolverine claws still being tossed about.  Mother turns to him with her own hand outstretched to his as if to tell him to take hers for safety.  Cooper ignores and continues his battle for the galaxy.

In an effort to catch her son's attention, "COOPER."  Her hand flexing toward him telling him to grab on.


"COOPER DEARBORN."  Her eyes begin to bulge with seriousness as her hand is waving in his face.



Wolverine claws flailing about, completely oblivious.


Louder bomb-like noises materialize from Wolverine's lungs.  It sounds like the battle finale.


And then by a stroke of genius, Mother understands,


Cooper jerks to reality and sees us staring at him.  With a bowed head of defeat, he raises his three-fingered claw in the air just high enough for someone to grab onto.

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