Friday, June 1, 2012

Like The Corner of My Mind

As many of you know, our sweet little angel is getting baptized in one week's time.  We have many family and friends joining us for this momentous occasion.  They've already started calling in their RSVP's.  With every phone call, I get more and more excited.  And yes my excitement stems from this being Emilija's first sacrament and her induction into the Catholic church.  But no offense God, I might be slightly more excited just to have everyone so near.

It's times like this when you start to reminisce.  You start thinking back on all the good times.  In part to feel warm inside, in part to have all those memories fresh in your mind for the visit.  Ask the appropriate person the question you already know the answer to just to get the old story going.  Listen as everyone remembers the tale a bit differently.  Watch as everyone gets fired up.  Feel the (good) tension as everyone gets louder and louder.  Until suddenly the energy bubble bursts and you're all laughing.  Followed up by an even more dramatic silence as everyone sits there wondering if it would be feasible to live just a bit closer.  Because after all, wouldn't we have more fun times like this?

So as I bustle about the house (Emilija's head turning to and fro) getting last minute things done, everything starts to remind me of a memory.  Just this morning I was doing laundry and pulled my Avett Brothers (favorite band) t-shirt, that my dear friend Jen gifted me, out of the washing machine to deposit into the dryer.  It took my mind back to April 2011.  Josh, Jen, Joe, and I were getting ready at our house to meet up with other friends to watch the Avetts perform at my alma mater, UNCW.  Food spread out on the counter.  Avetts playing on the iPod, of course.  I go to change- into my Avetts shirt.  I thought it only logical to wear my Avetts shirt to the Avetts concert.  Right?

I emerge from our bedroom and Joe says with just one look, "You're not going to be THAT guy, are you?"


"You're going to wear the shirt of the band to the concert?"  (rhetorical question)

Flushed with embarrassment, I start to laugh.  Then we all start laughing.  Belly laughing.  Rolling around laughing.

Simple and ineffective through a blog post but it was a moment that stuck with me.  I still laugh now- writing it down.  A pure moment that when thought of enough, I can feel again.     

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