Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Six Months Old

 I smile. You smile.
I nibble your chin. You nibble/slobber/lick my chin.
I talk to you. You chatter to me.
I nod to you.  You nod back at me.
I reach for you.  You reach to me.
...and vice versa.
The name of the game is CopyCat these days.  You're winning, I think.

You love everything that is not a designated baby toy: phones, computers, magazines, etc.

You are scoot-a-loot-lootin' all OVER the place.  It's a certified army-crawl.  Well, I guess it's a corps-crawl in this house.  Either way you're a pro.  You can get anywhere and everywhere you want in a matter of seconds.

You have started eating lots of solids: pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, avocados.  I've also started giving you some organic banana yogurt.  You love it all.

You're interested in EVERYTHING Tata & I eat.  I give you nibbles of lots of stuff all the time.   

Dad started doing the classic game of AIRPLANE at dinnertime when he feeds you.  You instantly picked up on the way he vibrates his tongue against his lips.  Now you're making noise and spitting and slobbering all over the place.  It's another game of CopyCat.  Again, you're winning.

You are sitting up really well.  You can even go from a lying down position to sitting up and from sitting up to lying down again.  You're really starting to maneuver your body and figure out how to do anything you want to do.

You weighed 16 pounds at your 6-month doctor's visit (50th percentile).  Your head circumference and height are still above average.

You are getting too heavy to carry around in your car seat.  Now when we get out of the car you're carried in our arms.  Or sometimes Tata puts you in the Bjorn he straps to himself.  You LOVE being able to face forward and look around.

This also gives the rest of the world a chance to see you.  This past weekend we heard a husband say to his wife in a loud whisper, 'HUN. DID YOU SEE THAT BABY'S EYES?!'  And that's not the first time we've heard that.  I can't count the number of times a complete stranger has commented on your big blues. 

You sleep very well at night. 7p-6:30a.

You have two naps a day:  8:30a & 1:30p.  They both last 2-3 hours. 

You are easy to put down to sleep.  We change your diaper.  Put on your sleep sack (only if its a nap).  We close the blinds.  Kiss you good night.  And lay you down in your crib.  No rocking, no fuss.  And when you wake up, you are so pleasant.  I hear you chatting away and laughing at the ceiling fan.  When I look on the monitor you're usually practicing your crawling or flicking the side of the crib.  I thank my stars above that you like your room and your crib so much.

Our second kid is going to have a lot to live up to.

You have started to grow out of your 3-6 months clothing.  Right onto 6-9 months.  Wow.

You're still wearing size 1 diapers.  Skinny Minny.

We heard about this concept called Elimination Communication.  It's a diaper-free community that practices focusing on recognizing a baby's cues to go to the bathroom so that they can help potty-train them at a very early age, think 2-3 months old.  It was inspired by poorer countries that don't have constant access to diapers and as a result must potty-train their children ASAP.  While Tata & I are not into going diaper-free, we are trying to introduce the potty to you in a positive way in hopes of giving you an edge when you are of age to wear big-girl underwear.  When we notice you grunting and squinching your face we take you into the bathroom and help you rest your bum over the toilet.  It is HILARIOUS.  But most importantly, successful.  You have gone poo-poo on the potty 7 times so far!  You're the best.

You are recognizing more and more words all the time: mama, tata, baby.

I often say POLJUBI ME to you.  It means KISS ME in Croatian.  I then lean in and kiss you right on your lips.  I've done this for several months now.  You're starting to catch on.  Now when you hear this phrase you open your mouth, close your eyes, and lean in toward me.  You know what's coming.

You adore yourself.  Like mother, like daughter.  When we place you in front of the mirror, you move as close as you can and start to lick the glass and 'feel' for the baby looking back at you. 

We got you an exersaucer.  One day I put you in it in front of the mirror.  I walked away and soon noticed that I didn't hear you playing with the millions of gadgets the saucer provides.  When I went back I saw you simply smiling at yourself in the mirror, all million gadgets untouched.  You'd rather look at your reflection than spin Froggy's eyes.

I bought you a sippy cup.  You haven't figured it out.  It just acts as a chew toy right now.

There are four toys we do not leave home without!  Sophie the Giraffe, compliments of Teta and Cousin Charlotte.  Duckie, compliments of Grammy.  Flutter Fly (an indestructible book that is rip-proof and chew-proof), compliments of Uncle E's Mama out in Kansas.  And lastly, Lil' Bent.  He's the newest one and is actually the FIRST toy we've ever bought you.  When shopping at the Mayfaire toy store you eyed him right away and reached out for him.  For only $10, I thought why not.  You've loved him ever since.

You love dogs.  I don't know where this came from since we don't have one.  But every time we're with one you pet them and stroke them and smile at them.  I guess it's you and Tata against me on this one.

You like to pull my hair.  Especially my bangs.

You've started letting me know when you'd like me to feed you- by reaching for me.  And when I pick you up, you plant your face right in between my boobs.  It's actually quite funny.  You are far some subtle.

All of your crawling equals bumps and bruises. 

I was recently in the kitchen when I heard Dad sternly say, 'NO.'  It hurt my heart a bit.  I knew he was talking to you.  I rushed right in and saw that you took it quite well.  I've since jumped on the bandwagon in letting you know what you can and can't touch.  The big grin that expands on your face lets me know you don't know what we're saying yet. 

I'm pretty sure you're always moving.  Whether you're on our laps or in your crib or riding in the car.

There are two things you despise:  putting clothes on/taking clothes off & having your face wiped.

You are still being breast fed.  Breast is best, we proclaim!  But it gets increasingly harder the more active you become.  You kick through almost every feeding.  Kneeing me in the chest and arm.  You've also started kneading my boob like a cat on a cat scratcher.  While annoying, it's funny.

You used to rake things into your grasp.  Now you crab-pinch most everything. 

You love to jump.  All the time.

When you are really tired you like to snuggle.  I completely take advantage of these moments.  I'll postpone naps just to have a few more minutes of being still with you.  You are a great cuddle bug.

You are becoming more and more independent.  It is bittersweet.

We think you are perfect.

We think you are the most beautiful baby we have ever seen.

We love you like crazy.


Shauna said...

you'll know i'm a good friend, when i tell you that i read ever word of that long post about a baby..who in fact i've never met;) it was just so sweet. makes me think of my own little mongrols when they were so darling and dear, and all the things i've loved so much about each stage. hang on tight to all the moments mel, they really do go so fast. soon you're sweet little baby will be your sweet little mongrol;) lol. and even then ....you'll think she's just perfect. hope you're doing well, smooches.

Sadie Dear said...

Those.eyes. Just, wow! Beautiful post! The smallness just doesn't stay long enough.