Thursday, August 2, 2012

PA. Check.

My biggest fear was the 8-hour drive.  I swore to myself that Emilija and I couldn't do it alone.  But with the help of Mimi and Uncle Cooper, the trip turned out to be a breeze.  We left at 5a in the morning and made it in just 9.5 hours.  With three pit-stops and 500 miles under our belts, we were 'home.' 

We arrived on a Friday and took Saturday to unwind.
Sunday was church with Nanny & Pappy at Mount Olivet.
All of the little girls fell in love with Em and wanted their picture taken with her.
I mean, do you blame them?!
  Church was also the perfect opportunity to have our
picture taken outside on the church stoop.
That's Great-Great-Grandma Jessie down front.
Then Moi, Emilija, Mimi, & Great-Nanny filling in the back row.
The weather in PA was absolute perfection.
Especially the mornings and evenings.
Which meant alot of time out on the back porch with Pappy.
 One great thing about PA was all the room to roam.
By the end of the week, Emilija was officially crawling on her hands and knees.
AND pulling herself up onto couches, chairs, my legs, etc.
She is definitely Mobile with a capital M.
As you can tell by a majority oft these photos so far, Em was naked 99% of the time.
That's what the country will do to you.
At least for this shot she added a pop of flower power.
 There's that Pappy again.
He couldn't get enough of his great-granddaughter.
For a second, I was pretty sure he wasn't going to let her go back to NC with us.
After a few days, we were already establishing a routine.
First thing, every morning, Emilija sat with Nanny & Pappy.
While they had their coffee, Em nibbled on banana and crackers.
I'm pretty sure this was her favorite part of every day.
Last but definitely not least.
No matter whether we're in PA or NC or FL.
Our time with Mimi is always the best.


Mrs Cosper said...

I'm glad y'all had such a good time. Em is absolutely the most beautiful baby!

Shauna said...

hey now country girl. good to see you enjoying life back in good ol' pa. there's nothing like being home is there? hope you guys are well. Em sure is growing Mel, can you believe how fast it happens! I'm pretty much lovin' that blue green dress there in the last pic..too cute. take care. maybe i'll get back to blogging after our move. life is CRAZY!!!

Sarah said...

that last picture is perfect! She makes bald look GOOD! So precious.