Sunday, August 5, 2012

hipster chick

This weekend we headed to Durham and into the arms of the Dixon's.
On the way out of town Friday, our neighbor gifted us these groovy pink VANS.
Much to Tata's delight.
These make Emilija's second pair of skater shoes.
That hipster chick.

New shoes in tow, we loaded into the car.
And found out in no time.
That apparently they are magical, groovy hipster pink VANS.
Because on our 2 hour drive-
w/banana puffs in hand,
Em figured out how to crab-pinch a puff
and hand/eye coordinate it to her mouth!
You should have heard Joe & I in the car as she did it for the first time.
Rounds of applause over and over again!
Joe even went a little hoarse from cheering so much.

And we practiced her new skillz more- and yet again some more.
All weekend.
At Aunt Jen, Uncle Josh, & Cousin Lola's house.
(Lola helped with any that were accidentally dropped.)
In line at Banana Republic while Mama & Aunt Jen waited to check out.
In Downtown Durham making our rounds at the Food Truck Party.

Tonight she got a little ahead of herself.
As we caught her fisting three whole puffs.
Totally about to cram all in her mouth.

Big-girl shoes and grown-up banana puffs.
All in one weekend.
They sure do grow up fast.

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