Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Emilija is developing so much socially.
She loves to play with me.
She loves to play with Tata.
It's so easy to see her personality developing.
And of course we think-
she's the sweetest there ever was.

With a play date scheduled at the Riggs' house,
I was SO excited to see how she would interact with Gracie.
They're a mere 6 months apart.
I was dieing to see what would happen.

From the start,
they were standing side-by-side.
Leaning on the couch.
Messing with toys.

Back down on the ground,
they were playing follow-the-leader.
Gracie crawling across the floor.
Mila not far behind.

On the children's bear couch,
they scurried up.
Gracie putting her finger in Emilija's mouth.
Mila nibbling on it while they both laughed at one another.

It was pure baby heaven.
Seeing the two of them enjoy each others' company,
I was so pleased.

Gracie is right up there-
with Ms. Bunny & Grey Owl.
And that's saying something!

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