Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Because people are always falling in love with Joe.
He was given FREE movie passes-
um, about 6 months ago.
With our time-consuming Bundle of Love,
we had yet to use them.

Aunt Ashley to the rescue!

She came over after her day job.
To start 3rd shift at Emilija Lisa, Inc.
It's a tough job-
but somebody's got to do it.

Pulling into the theatres
Joe says,
"What if the passes have expired or something?  What if they don't work?"

My reply, with a hard-to-keep straight face,
"Well .. I guess we'll just head back home."

I purposely held my gaze ahead, not looking over at Joe.
But my peripheral vision read his stunned face.
He couldn't believe that was the plan.

Then a grin crept over my face like the Grinch.
I jerked my head to the left and yelled,

Joe's face melted into a smile.
We both laughed.
As we basked in the parental sunshine.

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