Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So I finally figured out the perfect adult:to:child ratio.

Tata in charge of stroller & diaper bag accessories.
Aunt Heather in charge of YaYa.
Me in charge of breast milk.

 By the end of the trip,
Strangers  were actually complementing us on our
exit strategy from the car.
Heather was back off to China very early this morning.
Before Miss Mila even woke up.

Back home from the airport,
I thought I noticed Emilija turning corners in hopes of finding
her blonde-haired Bestie.
I was heartbroken as I told myself
that YaYa was already sad from missing her Auntie H.
 Then I realized it was actually me.
Waiting for Heather to finish my 
It was really me leaving the bedroom,
in hopes of seeing
Heather & Emilija nestled together on the living room floor.
 I've declared it a day of rest and reflection in the Madzar House.
And I've already started to devise our next

We miss your spirit, Aunt Heather.
The house feels empty without it.


Shauna said...

sounds like me when my sister leaves...or i leave her. sad days ahead:( there is nothing like a baby that makes time with family more cherished. i miss my brother and sister in the life of my children more than even my own. someone who loves them almost as much as you...yep, nothing like family.

Sarah said...

I swear you are the best writter ever! Completely jealous.

As for the ratio - I think you've got it down pat. Isnt it crazy how such a tiny human can require so much?

Cheltz said...

Sounds like your sister was a ton of help on her visit! I'd be missing her too :(.