Thursday, September 6, 2012


"You should've seen the other guy,"
pompously says Bim, 
our tough-as-steel BMW X5.
Germany's Finest.

The car of the opponent,
a 19-year-old 3-week-new-to-town Freshman at UNCW,
was completely dented in.
The hood looked like an accordion.

Hard-knock Bim
had some scratch marks on the back bumper.
And I'm pretty sure her tow-hitch was smiling
as she gazed upon the ruined DUKE front license plate.

When I felt the beginnings of that fender-bender,
I broke into Wonder Mom mode.
I'm pretty sure I had exited the car,
Emilija held tight to me,
in under five seconds.
It was PURE,NATURAL instinct to get Mila to safety.
Part of that instinct also urged me to call Tata.
When anything semi-frightening happens,
your gut tells you to make sure your WHOLE familly is

After affirming our safety, Joe asks about Bim.
"Roughed-up but good," I say.
 Much like Emilija & I.

Years ago when we first bought the BMW we had kids in mind.
The millions of accessories and most importantly, their safety.
Bim filled both those slots.
But not until the accident did we test her brawn.

She passed.
With flying colors.

Danke, Bim. 
Danke Schön.


Tanner and Andrea said...

glad you guys are ok :)

Shauna said...

ah, man...punk kids...probably texting or something;) lol. glad you're safe. i remember maddie's first accident...we went sliding down a buckvalley road on some black ice and did a few circles before hitting the bank. brent was driving thankfully (and i mean thankfully, because otherwise i'm sure there would have "been something "I" could have done to avoid it, right?;) anwyay, i literally almost hyperventilated as i grabbed her from her seat and sank into the snow with her tight against my chest. having something else to protect in this life really puts it all into perspective huh. way to go Bim.

Shannon said...

love it! glad you are okay!