Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eight Months Old

I watched a video of you today.  It was taken by Mimi within those first few days of your arrival.  I could not believe how small and different you looked back then.  I almost can't remember; I can't seem to put myself back in that time.  It's as if each new day makes those old ones seem more and more fuzzy.  

One thing I can remember and feel is the LOVE I've always had for you.  And after eight months, you're still BY FAR my favorite baby ever.

Ti si najbolje.

You are a social butterfly and get along with everyone you encounter.  Just yesterday we left the house and you waved to the landscaper.  He waved back. You smiled.

You can crawl REALLY fast.

You were in your first fender-bender.  No biggie; you & I were fine.  While I was verifying paperwork and talking to the police, you were taken into the ambulance to be looked over.  When I went to check on you, I opened the side-door to discover you climbing the black cargo netting while an EMT worker spotted you.  You were looking down and laughing at everyone- and had them all in stitches.  You are a true performer.

When you get excited you'll scrunch up your nose and start to breath in and out very fierce-like.  Just like a goat showing his horns.  You're definitely a Capricorn.

You have started standing hands-free.  Most of the time you're already standing, holding onto a piece of furniture and then let go.  Some times you'll be in a squatting position and raise yourself up to standing.  I think you're athletic like Tata.

You even took a 1/2 step in the kitchen with dad just this week.  CLICK HERE for some walking action.

You're pretty smart.  When you want to climb up on an undiscovered object for the first time, you'll hit it a few times to test out its stability.  If it wobbles, you move on.  If all is clear, you continue your adventure.

Most often you will only fall asleep in your crib or car seat.  One day we got lucky though.  You fell asleep in my arms while taking a stroll on the beach.  Although we (Tata, Mama, & Aunt Heather) all took turns carrying you and sweating to death, it was one of the most exhilarating times for me.  I loved feeling your heavy body relying on mine for support. 

You've moved on from sounding out the letter B to making a distinct G noise.  I try to encourage you to say GRAMMY (Tata's mom) and you giggle at me.  I'll sometimes show you pictures of Grammy and repeat her name to you while REALLY emphasizing the G at the beginning.  You laugh.  You'll get it- soon enough.

You love to play with your toys.  You love EVEN MORE to play with ours, i.e., computer, iPod, phones.

I've been trying to teach you to hug.  You easily allow me to place your arms around my neck.  You'll then start to play with the hair on the nape of my neck.  I'll kiss you all over your face which then always leads to me nibbling on your chin.  You'll lay against me for minutes letting me do this. You seem so relaxed.

Your hair is coming in, slowly but surely.  Pretty sure you'll be a brunette like Mama & Tata.

Dad and I agree that you are a bruiser.  You climb & fall & roll all over the place always smashing into what's in your way.  And you love it.  The rougher, the better.

You love to eat.  We have yet to find something you dislike.  Lately for dinner we've been feeding you a meat (salmon, turkey, chicken) with quinoa added.  You like the texture this grain gives and gulp it down.

While most of the time we call you Emilija or Mila, Dad & I have a special nickname for you.  TILLS.  (But we say it with a Southern twang so it sounds more like TEELS.)  It all started when we would call you Silly Silly.  Which then led us to just saying Silly.  Then Sills.  Then with our own Madzar accent we talk in around the house, it became TILLS.

You've started dancing when music comes on.  If sitting, you rock back and forth.  If standing, you bop up and down.

You are Mommy's Little Helper.  Always following me around the house while I do chores. 

When I open the dish washer front to load it, you come a' running.  You stand right up and immediately start beating on the dropped-down door.  You laugh.  And reach inside to bang the plates around.  You think this is so much fun.

Your newest delight comes from the dryer's lint tray.  It only took you once lifting yourself up to the opened dryer to find the lint tray and all of its clumped-together soft-feeling lint.  Now every time I'm in the middle of folding clothes I will for sure find you standing there looking up at me with a handful of the stuff.

You are STILL being breastfed.  (Although Mom & her boobs are feeling worn out.)  Your first feeding of the day takes place in our bed, like its been for eight months now.  When you're done you IMMEDIATELY roll over to Dad's side and cuddle with him.  That lasts for about 15 seconds until you're ready to crawl up on his chest and start pulling his hair and tugging his nose.  I think you're the only wake-up call Dad has ever looked forward to.

Speaking of Dad, I used to think that your afternoon snack time of yogurt was your favorite time of day.  I've now concluded that I was wrong.  I'm pretty sure it's when Dad comes home from work.  He gets the biggest shrills and shrieks from you.  You are a bona fide Daddy's Girl.  

Heather came to visit us this month and you took to her like white on rice.  I think she reminds you of me.  We're very similar.

You sleep from 7p to 6a.  We're starting to bring in babysitters after you've gone to bed so we can have some nights out.  But don't worry, I always tell you what we're doing before you go to bed.  I will never keep anything from you.

Every morning I hold you as I open the blinds.  With every window I exclaim, "Kakav lijepi dan!'  No matter the weather I want you to know that every day is a beautiful day.

We get to Skype with the Bless' & Grammy often.  You're getting more vocal during these times.  Last Sunday, you were chatting up a storm.  You love those guys.

You do this really loud fake cough when you want attention.  It works.  You like this.

You love pulling books off any and all bookshelves.

UP.  You're always looking UP.  Straight ahead or down just isn't your style.  When we stroll outside, you're always looking UP at the sky and treetops and the birds.  In a new restaurant or shop you look UP to investigate the ceiling fans and lights.  UP seems to be where its at for you.  Tata thinks it's cute that you are so inquisitive about things above your head.

When it was pouring down rain on the day you were born, Dad & I had this joke, "She must be a hippie because she's coming with the rain."  You confirmed this assumption this week when it took both of us to calm you down after you witnessed Tata kill a bug in our house.  You must have felt sympathy pains for that little creature.

We think you are perfect.

We think you are the most beautiful baby we have ever seen.

We love you like crazy.


Shannon said...

that is too funny about the bug! little hippie :)

Mrs Cosper said...

I can't wait to see how much she's changed since our last lunch!