Monday, October 22, 2012

The 3-0 Club

My SIL said it perfectly, 'Welcome to The 3-0 Club.  It's the new 20.'
For someone who doesn't handle birthdays well (let alone milestone birthdays), 
I was glad I had someone to make light of the situation.  

After ignoring birthday phone calls all day,
(sorry, all my friends and family)
the new 30-year-old me realized I needed to start thinking positively.
I needed to turn around my birthday funk.
After all .. 30-year-olds are supposed to handle things maturely, right?

So I thought to myself,
'What's the one thing that can make me
-a neurotic, clean freak, super organized, struggling perfectionist-

Yes, that's right.
 When I'm feeling defeated about
grocery shopping
I make a to-do list that helps me handle the mess.
Something I can look at and visualize my progress.

So here's my to-do's for my 31rst year of life.
Ten simple things to check off my list.
Ten things that I've NEVER done but always WANTED to do.
Ten things to make me feel accomplished.
Ten things to make me feel better...
that my life is basically 1/3 over.

1.  Sing karaoke.
2.  Take a weekend trip with moi, myself, and I.
3.  Get published.
4.  Paint a picture.
5.  Go camping with my family.
6.  Water-ski.
7.  See a Broadway show.
8.  Learn the Thriller dance.
9.  Get backstage at a concert.
10.  Make a new friend.

Fingers crossed.
Toes crossed.
I'd like to check all of these off my bucket list.
If you can help in any way,
(know a great karaoke bar?)
please reach out to me.
I'll be documenting along the way so stay tuned.

In the meantime,
Joe & I had a joint 30th birthday party.
(we're only 20 days apart)
It was Mustache-Themed.
As all SUPER COOL things are these days.

1 comment:

Lisa D said...

I would love to help with the broadway show. I smell a "Girls Only" weekend in the future year! And BTW, life only gets better as you get older - take it from the me - "Forty is the new 30!" :)