Monday, October 29, 2012

Pappy & Grandma Come To Town

We got more visitors this month.
Pappy C & Grandma Tina.

They, of course, came bearing gifts.
This is Emilija's new chair-
where she thinks deep thoughts.
-in deep thought.
Even though Hurricane Sandy was hovering-
we made the most of our Saturday by 
visiting the aquarium for the first time.
first trip to the aquarium
Up until this weekend,
Em's walking has been confined to the indoors.
Nothing bare feet or some non-skid socks can't handle.
But with our trip under the sea,
we wanted her to be able to interact more.
I wanted her to have the pleasure of nose-printing up
that spotless fish tank glass.
So for the first time Emilija walked around
in her new silver shoes like a big girl.
 We took some time out on Sunday to swing at the park.
This is one of Emilija's favorite pass times these days.
swing- er.
And we went shopping-
to buy a new winter hat.
new hat. #stylin'

1 comment:

Mrs Cosper said...

Those are some killer shoes! Tell her I am jealous! If they go missing after the next time I babysit; you know nothing :)