Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy halloween

My new parental-driven desire to THOROUGHLY celebrate holidays
combined with the GRAND OPENING of Wilmington's very own Hobby Lobby
led me to go
ALL OUT this Halloween season.
(I use the term 'ALL OUT' very loosely.)

And mucho props to Tata
who got just as much Modge-Podge on his hands
as I did.
$2 Hobby Lobby Halloween banner steal w/fun Modge-Podged Halloween paper.

pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.

Halloween Wreath- another Modge-Podge project.

Joe made this piece of pumpkin artwork to hang on Em's door- it matched her room. (wink)

a pop of pumpkin flare.

This jar of candy corns was filled 3x- thanks to Mimi.

Is it really a proper holiday without chevron and polka dots?!

Had to throw our signature bike in there somewhere.


Em's first-ever craft- you should've seen her eyes when her hand hit that paint.

Em's trick-or-treat bag.


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