Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ten Months Old

You've been walking for a month now and all of the HOW-OLD-IS-SHE-?!'s still never get old.  Tata & I are so proud of you and all of your walking abilities.

For hours (and that is not an exaggeration) you will walk around the house.  You're usually carrying something.  You will look out the front door.  Then you will walk to the back sliding glass door and search for golfers.  Then it's into our bathroom and back out into the living room.  You talk and throw your head back in laughter.  You'll pick up a Cheerio from the coffee table and then move on into your bedroom.  Around and around and around you go.

We bought you a brand new pair of Converse with REAL soles.  You have no problem strolling in them.

You have started kissing.  You kiss all of your stuffed animals: bunny rabbit, pig, dog, etc.  You hold them at arm's length in front of you and then with one quick motion you squeeze them in tight to you.  Mouth to mouth and nose to nose you begin smothering them.  You laugh and giggle.  You love to love.

As rough as you like to play, you can flip a switch and be just as sweet.  You knowingly snuggle with Tata & I bunches.  Most mornings are spent with you tucked in between us.  We hold hands and blow raspberries on each other.  We sing and talk and laugh.  Sometimes the three of us lay there for the first hour of the day.  One thing we all have in common is waking up slow.

You are always trying to make us laugh.  And we do.

You have lots of play dates and are Little Miss Socialite.  You have no trouble making friends.

We give you a bath every night now.  One evening we noticed something in the tub.  You had pooped!  Yes, we were given fair warning from friends/family but nothing can prepare for something like that.  Tata rescued you from the 'dirty' bath while I was left in charge of 'cleaning' up.  It was gross.

You say Mama & Dada often.  I'm also pretty sure I've caught you saying Duck.

You understand much of what I say to you.  I can refer to a certain toy and you will go into your room and grab it.  I'll reference an animal in a book and you'll point to it.  When I ask if you'd like to 'eat,' you'll head for your Bumbo.

You eat five times a day, breast milk and solids.  And we still have yet to find something you won't eat.

We recently gave you a lemon wedge from our water glass and you WENT TO TOWN on it.  You didn't even flinch.  You loved it.  You've had a dozen more lemons since then and continue to enjoy them.  Seems as though the lemon doesn't fall far from the lemon tree- Dida & Tata also love lemons.

We think you are perfect.

We think you are the most beautiful baby we have ever seen.

We love you like crazy.

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