Thursday, November 29, 2012

THANKSgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012
gobble gobble.
Thanksgiving 2012 was spent comfy and warm in the arms of our Pennsylvania family.  We had no dinner to make, no house to clean, and no worries to worry.  We were very well taken care of.  It was the perfect opportunity to sit back and reflect on just what we're thankful for this year.  And you could have probably guessed it, the Madzar family is MOST thankful this year for that little goblet side profile seen above.  It may sound undefined and boring but she has given our lives meaning.  She is one of the BIG reasons we were put on this earth.  
And more than that, I myself am BEYOND thankful that her & I have spent every day of her short 10-month-long life together.  In this chaotic expensive world we live in, we found a way.  A way to be together.  

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Shauna said...

Oh this warms my heart so! you are such a good little mama mel, aren't you? i can feel the love you have for your little family. EVERY single year at Thanksgiving when we go around "the circle" and say what we're MOST thankful for, mine is always the same..."the decision made long ago to stay home with my babies no matter what the sacrifice or consequence, and the blessing of being able to do it." it's made all the difference. i realize it's not the same for everyone, but it was the case for me!

AND... how cute is that little nose. reminds me of aunt heather's