Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Shopping

All loaded up in Tata's truck.
Christmas music blaring.
We headed out in search of a Christmas tree.

Within minutes we had found it.
The Madzars are pretty decisive.

While hauling it back.
Three teenage girls caught site.
Of a mini blue-eyed beauty strolling among the pines.

"OMG. Look how cute."
"She totally looks like a baby doll."
"Gah, I wish that sweater was in my size."

Shrieks and shrills followed.
From both parties.
Emilija had made some fast friends.

After tearing the besties apart.
We headed for home.

Bringing the tree in.
Setting it firmly in the stand.
Sap on our hands.

Emilija is enjoying Christmas so far.

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