Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

I got lucky.
I followed her into this world.
One step behind.
And that's where I stayed.

She was fearless.
A good leader.
Strong-willed yet kind.
And she loved me.  Alot.

I wanted Emilija's first Christmas to be filled with family and friends and gifts and snow and fireplaces and tradition and- Cousin Charlotte.  And there was only one place that had all of this.  We were fortunate to stay with the Bless' for a whole week (not sure how fortunate they felt- 'wink') and for lack of a better term, eat drink and be merry.  Time spent with our NH family is rare so this Christmas was truly a blessing.

Shrieks of joy followed by giggles and an exuberant Charlotte saying, "e-MIL-ija!"

Peering into the playroom to see the girls playing together in all sincerity and silence.

Having both sitting in my lap as I turned the pages of their favorite animal book.

My heart almost couldn't take it.  And in the back of my head were flashes of MY cousin, Heather.  My Bobbsey twin.  My right arm.  My heart.  For so many years.  She was my childhood.  And she loved me.

Christmas in NH

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