Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Ten of 2012

I never lived a year better spent in love
-Babel, Mumford & Sons

The first day of a new year means one thing to me, the blogger.  I've got to rack my brain, search old posts, and come up with my TOP TEN of the previous year.  It's a fine balance of inclusion and exclusion.  Headed to the Riggs' Household today for the annual New Year Day dinner, I drove while Joe pouch-fed applesauce to Emilija in the backseat.  We were running late and scurrying.  And like all good mothers trying to do seven million things at the same time, I was driving fast and making sure Em was eating her snack and talking to Joe about upcoming plans and- thinking about my blog.  My new Christmas present CD, Mumford & Sons, was playing when I heard this great one-liner.  I never lived a year better spent (than year 2012) in love.    

There is no top ten for 2012-  
there is only THEE top.
New Year's Day, Riggs' House 006
New Year's Day, Riggs' House


Shannon said...

love that quote and those pink skinny jeans :) happy new year!

lauren said...

mmm... that quote. after all the tears...i have spent a year with good sweet love. those words were good for my soul. thanks for that :) i can hardly stand how big your 'baby' is. :) happy happy new year!