Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emilija Does Disney

It was Mimi's dream to take her first and only namesake granddaughter to Disney World...as soon as possible.  As said granddaughter's mother, I said to myself (and indirectly to E)- please be good, please behave, please don't have Mimi regret spending all this money.  Guessing the mood of a soon-to-be, 2-year-old is like taking a shot in the dark.  Every day is a 'surprise.'

With previously set plans of spending Christmas in Florida, the Dearborns decided to treat the Madzars to a weekend at Disney to cap off an already exciting 2013.  And it was (pardon the trivial term) magical.  Emilija mingled with Minnie, rode every ride her height restriction allowed, and determinedly stayed awake for the nighttime Magic Kindom Electrical Parade down Main Street.

She was a trooper, to say the least.  And what's more, I'm pretty sure she had the time of her life.  There were no temper tantrums.  There was no whining.  She just smiled and moved along and enjoyed everything that was going on around her.  And because of that, I think Mimi has already started to plan round two.

One of E's treats was the opportunity to try on many princess dresses and pick one out.  Our sporty chick opted for Princess Jasmine, the only Disney princess whose outfit includes a cropped top and harem pants. 

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