Saturday, August 22, 2015

Luka at Two Months Old

Two months. Wow, big boy.

You are growing so much. Every day when I see you first thing in the morning I swear that you have doubled in size overnight.

At your two month checkup, you weighed 12 pounds and are already two feet long.

You have dinner every night around 8p. Dad feeds you a bottle of freshly expressed breast milk. After that, you fall right asleep in Dad's arms. You sleep right on to 3:30a. And that's when you start your three hour feeding routine.

You started socially smiling on your two month birthday exactly. That day it happened to be raining and Dad came home early from work. We decided to take a drive to Nashua to visit Grammy and to take you to meet Teta Emmi and Cousin Anthony for the first time. What a treat for them because you smiled at everyone the entire time we were there. It was such a happy day and they fell in love with you instantly.

Aunt Heather just visited for a week and she was so impressed with your athletic ability. You move and shake every time you're not sleeping. You love to kick and punch. You love to be pulled up onto your feet and you'll even take a few steps while someone holds your hands.

You're also a big chatter. You'll talk to me anytime I talk to you.

You love Big Sister. Yesterday I went to pick her up from preK. When we enter the classroom her entire class runs over and circles your car seat. You hear shouts of, "Luka! Hi Luka! Hi big boy!" You smile and laugh. But as soon as you spot your sister your eyes don't leave her. You stare and reach for her. It's amazing how out of all of those kids you can pick her out.

You enjoy car rides. Not so much for sleeping. But you love looking out the window. I see you watch the trees go by. And you really enjoy yourself when it's raining. As much as you like watching the world on the outside of the car, you like even more staring at Sister whose sitting right beside you on the inside.

You're starting to like baths more and more.

You're pretty perfect.

This is the happiest our family has ever been.

You've swept us away.

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