Thursday, September 24, 2015

Luka at Three Months Old

Why don't you like to smile for your monthly pictures? Always so serious. No matter how crazy Sister and I act behind the camera, not even a grin. And I love you for it.

You are a Roly Poly- always rolling to the right, to the left, back to belly, belly to back. You're going to be athletic just like Dad and Sister. The three of you are going to give me a run for my money.

You are a big-time chatter. I've got videos upon videos of you on my phone of you chatting away. I get footage of you almost everyday talking to me. And most of the time I don't even need to be talking back to you. You just go on and on and on. And I can tell when you say something funny because you'll laugh. That's my cue to then laugh and then you continue on. Again, between you and Sister talking you're going to give me a run for my money.

You're very popular. I know we live in a small town and you can't help but run into someone you know everywhere you go. But no matter the place - playground, E's school, Foss Field, grocery store, post office - you name it, people know you and talk to you. I can't imagine how well known you'll be by the time you're 1 year old. You might have a VERY BIG first birthday party. (wink)

The weekend you turned three months old Aunt Ashley was visiting us. That first night she was here you slept through the night until 5a. Then the next night you did it again. I thought maybe it was a fluke but turns out it wasn't. You've been sleeping 9p-5a for two weeks now. When you wake up at 5a you'll eat and then you go right back to sleep for 3-4 more hours. You're a sleeping champ.

Naps are hit and miss. Sometimes you take them. Sometimes you don't. Keep in mind we are far from homebodies so you're consistently being toted around. But regardless you're a very happy baby.

One of your favorite things in the world is when Sister plays with you. If I lay you on your play mat and she sits on the floor with you, you are completely content for as long as she'll stay there. You love her so much.

You are still sleeping in a bassinet in our room. And mainly because of the necessity of the guest bedroom. The guest room will be changed into your bedroom once ... everyone stops visiting us. (That's a good problem to have.) And as of right now we have visitors still coming through the end of October. So looks like you'll be Mama & Dad's roommate for a little while longer.

You're not a cryer but more of a shouter. Dad & I laugh when you get in a mood. There's never any tears or lip quivering. You just shout at us and we can see the anger and intent in your eyes. You're yelling at us because you're bored or want to be picked up or want your favorite plush green monkey moved closer to you.

You have blue eyes. Dad always wanted his kids to have blue eyes and he got his wish.

It is nearly impossible to change your diaper with all of your wiggling. And I'm pretty sure you know how much harder you're making it for me because you laugh the entire time.

We are still breastfeeding. You love it. So do I.

You're a big boy weighing in at 13 pounds. And you're up to 6 month clothes, needed mainly for the length.

You're good at sitting and standing with assistance. And you'll even take steps if I hold you under your armpits. I've got a feeling you're going to be all over this house before I know it once you figure the whole crawling/walking thing out.

You're favorite song is MMMBop by Hanson. An oldie but a goodie. Sister and I sing it to you all the time.

When you smile, the cutest dimples form in the line creases that extend from the sides of the mouth up to the sides of your nose. I think it makes you look handsome.

You're pretty perfect.

This is the happiest our family has ever been.

You've swept us away.

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