Sunday, November 1, 2015

Luka at Four Months Old

Luka Loo. Luka Loo Loo. Lukie Bear. Little Luka. Lucky Loo.

You are a' rockin' and a' rollin'. You're a real champ. Such a perfect baby. Such a breath of fresh air.

At your four month doctor's appointment, you weighed in at 14 pounds officially doubling your birth weight. And you were 25" long. 50th percentile for both. Way to go, bud.

You're sleeping in your crib full time now. You go to bed around 9p. Wake up around 1a for a late night snack. Then back to sleep until 5a. And most of the time you fall back asleep again until 8a. Sleeping and eating is what you do best.

You're perfecting your hand/eye coordination. Emilija helps you practice. And everything that you reach for and grab goes directly into your mouth.

You love chewing! And drooling. You drool so much that I've started putting drool bibs on you. They're bandana style so you look pretty cool.

Not to toot my own horn but you LOVE me. You are 100% a mama's boy. You stare at me. And just want to be near me. And smile at me. And coo at me. You make me feel very loved.

Sometimes when I'm smiling and looking at you I'll say, "Hi!" I'm pretty sure you say hi back.

Dad feeds you a bottle every night before bed. You've started holding the bottle yourself.

You love your feet. Sometimes I'll take your socks off just so you can have some one-on-one time with your favorite accessory.

The Bless' came for a visit from Kansas just in time for your baptism. It was your first time meeting them. You loved them and they loved you. It's going to be so wonderful seeing you and Mason grow together.

Oh, which reminds me. You're officially Catholic now. You did great for the "water part" of your baptism. Not a peep was heard.

You've started putting two fingers in your mouth much like Dad and Sister. But I would say you definitely still favor the pacifier.

Your hair is really coming in and looking good. It's nice and even all over except for a slight mohawk up top.

Looks like your blue eyes are here to stay. As if you couldn't get any more handsome.

You're pretty perfect.

This is the happiest our family has ever been.

You've swept us away.

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