Sunday, December 20, 2015

Luka at Six Months Old

Luka Bear, you're one half a year old. Yowza!

You're a go get 'em kind of guy.  You are corps crawling EVERYWHERE. And you're even pulling yourself up on things. I just caught you today pulling yourself up the first step on our flight of stairs. Unfortunately your balance is not on par with your ambition and you usually go tumbling to one side right as you're about to stand. You roll and knock your head and whimper for about ... hmmm ... two seconds. And then you're right back trying it again.

You have no fear.

You're doing well sleeping through the night. We've progressed to sleeping from about 8p to about 6a. Once I feed you at 6a you go back down and sleep another two hours.

Two naps a day: morning and afternoon.

You took your first flight to Florida over Thanksgiving. You did very well. You slept for the entire 3 hour flight down. AND for the entire 3 hour flight back up. That's my boy.

The trip to Florida included your first visit to Disney World. You loved it! Your first ride was the carousel.

You love playing with Sister. This is nothing new.  You've loved her from the start. Sometimes you whine and whine and whine on the floor but as soon as she squats down to play you instantly get the biggest grin on your face! It's so sweet.

You eat everything that we give to you. Your latest most favorite thing was raspberry sorbet. You, Dad, and Sister all shared it. I actually think you liked being included more than tasting the sweet treat.

At your six month doctor's checkup I was told you were teething. (ouch) You weighted in at 15 pounds (25th percentile) and are 27 inches (75th percentile). Long and lean.

At your doctor's appointment, you got four shots. (ouch again) But you're a real champ. You cry when it first happens but quickly recover and go back to your normal self. Tough guy.

You're pretty perfect.

This is the happiest our family has ever been.

You've swept us away.

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