Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Father Knows Best

Joe's paternal instinct has flourished at our house.
It's quite amazing and thrilling.
For the past three months he has become the sole housekeeper, chef, and support in our home.

I've always known he was a natural nurturer.
Always the voice of reason.
Ready to listen.
Ready to help out in any way.

With this new role as Papa Joe; however, his nesting mode has just exploded.
Food at my disposal.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Freshly laundered clothes.
Clean dishes.  Clean floor.  Clean car.
Plants watered.  Inside and Outside.
Movie of my choice playing.

Beyond taking care of his ill-feeling wife, he has embraced Baby Madzar with open arms.
The nursery (second bedroom/Joe's sports room) has already nearly been emptied.
Joe has reorganized the rest of the house to take on our upcoming bundle of joy's arrival.
There are woodworking books laid out and sketches of what he plans to do in the baby's room.
He already has Babe's first bike picked out.
And is inquiring about attendance at St. Mary's Pre-K program.

Taking this in stride is Joe's way.
No Fear.  Just Do It.  Insert any brand's headstrong logo here.
Joe is Gettin' It Done.
He's full of pride but humble and content in the same breath.

I'm hoping Baby Madzar inherits some of these fine traits from their dad.

Here's hoping Baby Madzar also gets Joe's incredible fashion sense ... of humor.


Perpetual Blind Date said...

I think you just made all other preggo moms out there jealous. You have a great one on your hands!

Robin said...

Good job, Joe!

Faye said...