Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yin & Yang

The timeless saying of Opposites Attract holds true for Joe & I.
I am Yin.  And he is definitely Yang.
I like chocolate; he likes vanilla.
I'm an early bird; he's a night owl.
I can be too uptight; he can be too laid-back.
It works out well though.
As polar opposites we're still very interconnected.
We give rise to one another in turn.
Without one, there would not be the other.
Opposites only exist in relation to each other.

As Yin I make sure all bills are paid, schedules are kept, and house is cleaned.
As Yang Joe makes sure all surfboards are waxed, fun is had, and nothing is taken too seriously.

After reading my introduction post of Baby Madzar on this blog, I asked Joe what he thought.
His reply, 'I liked it.  It surprised me.  It was pretty artsy.'
Hmmm, well.  I suppose it was a little unlike me.  Maybe the whole lioness portrayal was a little out there.  But if anyone can appreciate that, it's Joe.

A few minutes pass and I suddenly remember hearing Joe get up very early that morning.
So I say to him, 'What time did you get up this morning?'
'Around 5am.  I cleaned up a bit.'
Looking around the house I finally pick up on the freshly cleaned rugs, wiped-down counter tops, and sparkling dishware neatly stacked in the cupboards.  As my head is spinning around taking in the house in all its cleanliness glory I come full circle around and am staring Joe dead in the eyes.

Suddenly it hits us both and in unison we loudly declare,

Will Babe be bald till they're 2 like Yin?


Perpetual Blind Date said...

how sweet! I love that he woke up to clean - I bet it made your heart go pitter patter. Congrats again - you guys will be awesome parents. Cant wait to watch this journey!

Lisa D said...

Oh yes! I remember this picture - probably taken at the old "G.C. Murphy's" in Hancock when it was still there.

They don't make those fake fur blankets like that anymore :) And I always loved that expression that says "What the heck am I doing here."

Faye said...

i love it!! and i love that your back to your blog full force!!

Shauna said...

Oh my gosh.. I have that same exact picture, with like the same exact background and scary fur blanket..and I was bald till I was 2 too!!! What the?!? did you steal my photo. Lol. Brent and I are the same way, and I'm glad...in ten years we've still yet to have a really serious fight. I get mad mad mad, and he could care less. Makes for a happy home.
Ps. Thanks for the blogger help today:)