Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh, the Sleepless Nights

No, the sleepless nights are not a result of the excitement and anxiety of raising our first child.
Joe's basically got that under control.

They are not from fear of not having the nursery ready in time.
Again, Joe is knocking that out like a champion.

And they are not from my concerns of losing that baby weight come early 2012.
For I'm sure Joe will have me signed up for a triathlon in early Spring.

I get up several times in the night because:
-I am way too hot.  Those hormones really do a number on your body temperature.
-I am dying of thirst.  I have never drank so much water in all my life.
-I have to use the restroom.  Please see reason above and my new camel-like behavior.

Now I do believe in the biological reasoning behind many things.
Think about young children who put everything in their mouths when they are young.
It is not just to see their parents make that funny stick-out-your-tongue look while saying, 'Yuck-y.'
It is a sort of biological 'training' to build their immune system.

In the same way, my restless nights are biological training too.
They are to help me get used to being up several times a night with a newborn.
It's my body preparing itself to wake up on command every few hours.
And I accept this.  I really do.
It still doesn't help me stay awake at work though.
I don't think 40-hour work weeks were considered when this biological schedule was set up.

But why just me, I ask you?
Shouldn't Joe get some sort of training too?
To this, I answer yes.  After all, he'll be waking up sometimes as well, right?

Which is why I turn the hall light on, which shines perfectly on Joe's side of the bed, every time I wake up in the middle of the night for those pesky callings.
For biological reasons, of course.
Skinny jeans. Popped collar. Hand on hip.  Hopefully Babe will be as fashion-forward as Mama Mel.


Shauna said...

the answer to your question is.."NO". No joe will not be getting up at night. he may the first week or so, just to act all supportive (and get your hopes up)...but then somehow they develop this unearthly ability to sleep through anything. vomit, poop, screaming, wailing, fighting; it really is a talent. i don't think brent has woken up with a baby in 6 years. this is probably the point also where i should inform you of this little tid-bid. you will give your entire existence, every moment of your time, all the energy of your soul, take them everywhere, do everything with their happiness in mind, and somehow Joe will still be the rock-star. the cool one. the one that makes their eyes twinkle. i marvel over the irony of the "brent show" on a regular basis. thing is, i guess i wouldn't have it any other way. when push comes to shove. they run for me...the one that got up (scratch that) gets up with them at night.

Eliot said...

Not to disagree with Shanna here - but C is 9 1/2 months and I am still the first one out of bed when there's a whimper on the monitor.

I actually relish those moments in the middle of the night when it's just her and I.

It all boils down to how you're wired...

kittygeorge said...

Interesting concept on preparing for motherhood's sleepless nights during pregnancy.