Sunday, November 27, 2011


We're at 34 weeks. (APPLAUSE!)
That's only 6 more weeks to go.  Not bad.
And most days, my thoughts center around PILLOWS.
The more PILLOWS, the BETTER.

When lying on the couch, I must have 2 small pillows placed on top of 1 large pillow under my head.
A small round, cylindrical pillow goes under my lower back.
And a medium-sized, gumdrop pillow props up my feet. 
No small task for me to get situated but the end result is heaven.

Sleep time has been quite the task as of lately, too.
Two standard pillows (I've officially taken one of Joe's) on top of a Euro one to rest my head.
I've recently added my airplane neck pillow to this mix for more support.
One pillow between my knees.  One pillow to hold onto tight.

At work I've brought in a soft, down-filled wool pillow.
With cute tassels.  (Tassels do nothing for my back but look great.)

And every time I think of going to a restaurant or friend's house, anywhere I would need to sit.
I instantly think of the comfort of the seating arrangements.
I can't help it. 

Luckily beyond the uncomfortableness that is this extra 23 pounds, we're healthy.
A doctor's appointment last week proved this.
It's still so sweet to hear Baby's heartbeat and feel peace inside my own heart.
Maternity Picture taken by Perry Vaile Photography.


Shauna said...

oh man, i remember those days! pillows pillows everywhere! what's funny is, they are kind of addictive. you end up using them even after baby comes! not so many... but thanks to baby #1, brent and i still sleep with a huge body pillow in between us at night. he loves it...NOT. did i just say "NOT?" weird. anyway, you look great, and i love this picture. can't wait to see more? and where is that darn nursery at. you're killing me!
ps. can you believe only 6 weeks left. that is WILD. are you ready?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. ran across you through Josh & Jen (miss their blog). Actually you introduced me to several worthwhile blogs, nienie, cjane. Enjoy your writing style and humor. You have captured the mood of pregnancy and I am very excited for you and your husband. Can't wait to see final nursery photos. Best wishes from San Diego, CA. sharon murphy

Joe and Melody said...

Shauna, ready and rearing to go! All we're missing is the baby. Which means, the nursery is complete. Pictures SOON to come. Sharon, Thanks so much for the kind words! Maybe if we can get Josh & Jen into the baby-making mood, they'll start their blog back up. (wink) So glad you left a comment. It's always nice to know others out there enjoy my blog.

Anonymous said...

Melody, I actually have followed you since before the wedding. I am much older than you, probably more your Mom's age or older. I had my baby when I was older, I was 39 and we now have a son who is 20 yrs old. He is the light of my life, just wait and see. I just love babies, and children in general. Never read a blog in my life until I ran into you and Jen. Love your style, warmth and charm. Take care and you look beautiful! sharon