Friday, June 24, 2011

I Knew

Not to brag, but I knew.

Remember this post from Palm Sunday.
Although I didn't mention it at the time, I had been feeling very different since the day before.
I kept replaying in my head the opening credits of the movie, Look Who's Talking.
You know ... 
Where the little tadpoles are swimming frantically through cloud tunnels in search of the big, red floating ball.
(Very technical description, I know.)
But I felt pregnant.
I just knew.

Leaving the church I say to Joe, 'I'm pregnant.'
Joe,'Since when?'
Joe skeptically, 'Gotcha.'  

Then here was the next week.  
I confided in Robin what I was feeling.
Trying not to sound like a complete lunatic, I made my usual jokes to make light of it.
We laughed.  But I knew that we both knew.
Robin was 7 months pregnant at the time and her pregnancy radar was on point. 
I felt pregnant.
I felt like a mom.
I felt ... happier.
I just knew.

Exactly two weeks from Baby Madzar's introduction into this world was our anniversary.
Coincidentally it was Baby's first theatrical production as well.
After a dinner celebration we were off to Thalian Hall to see Amadeus on stage.
I could barely focus on the play though. 
I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities of a baby.
In fact, thinking back ...
There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think of a baby.
I just knew.

I took THE TEST on Monday evening after work.
With tears in my eyes, I showed it to Joe.
We're having a baby.  
Have sweeter words ever been spoken?
Now ... we knew.

Cindo de Mayo was the confirmation at the doctor's office that my maternal instincts had been right.
Baby conceived Palm Sunday Weekend.
Going to be a good Catholic, right?  
Baby Madzar had spent our first wedding anniversary with us.
How perfect.
Baby's first stage production, Amadeus.
Not so perfect.  Very boring play actually. 
But maybe Babe will be a great musician like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

Bicycle built for three.
I graciously accept.

Will Baby have fair skin and baby blues like Mama or an olive complexion and green eyes like Papa?

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Faye said...

Awww, I love it!! Keep these posts a'comin!

P.S. I was just watching Look Who's Talking the other night - would it be creepy if I said I was thinking of you guys! Haha!